Investing in Copper Bullions

While there has always been a hype around gold and silver, few have ever highlighted the value of copper. This seems to be true, especially in the market. Copper is a metal that has been overlooked for decades. It’s like an underdog in a massive playing field. Although shied upon, it has an impressive profitable potential where it uses inflation to its advantage. Copper is thus considered as a form of a bullion and while many might think that there is little value in buying copper, it is more worth then you think.

Copper has always been much more affordable than both gold and silver. For those who don’t have the budget to purchase gold and silver, copper is the perfect investment and one that doesn’t fall short in the market. It is also one which purchasing power profits from inflation on a large scale.

Copper has a history of being dismissed a commodity. This dismissal is a similar to that of zinc, soybeans, sugar and nickel. It has been recognized as a future investment, rather than a present one. Copper bars and billion are thus used for investors’ portfolios against the devaluation of the dollar, rather than a proper investment.

Why invest in Copper Bullion?

As a critical element in the market, the demand for copper never stops increasing. With a rising demand for cars, electronics, infrastructure and more, copper is in an increasing demand daily.

It also has a currency effect. All gold, silver, and copper are influenced by the inflation caused by the everyday printing if money. Copper will thus remain in high demand and will have a constant ever-growing profit potential as the demand for it are highly unlikely to ever reach a halt.

How to buy Copper Bullions and what type to buy

Copper can be bought through any secured, established online store through a simple online ordering system. This allows for the safety of your investments.

The big question is which should you buy?


Different types of copper bullion investments

  • Copper coins – Available in sizes starting at ¼ -oz, ½ -oz, as well as 1-oz sizes, these coins are an affordable choice when it comes to investing in copper.
  • Copper bars – These are available at lower premiums to copper coins. These bars are mostly available in different sizes, all of which ranges from 1-oz to 10kgs. Buying copper bars are perfect for making a bigger investment.
  • Pre-1982 U.S. Pennies – Before 1982, the U.S manufactured pennies that primarily consisted out of copper. These coins were much more worth than valued for, hence the implementation of the dollar bill. If you lived pre-1982 or someone else you know did, you’re in luck, as these babies will sell at one good price.

It is important to take into account that copper is not as popular as gold and silver and thus does not have the equivalent value. Copper is not necessarily a short-term profitable investment, but more so a long-term one. As stated, the demand for copper increases each day and with that being said, you’ll be sure to generate profits in no time.

About the author: Eileen Cunningham